Luca Righetti


About me

I am a Research Fellow at Open Philanthropy, working on cause prioritization and currently focusing on mitigating global catastrophic risks.

On the side, I also co-host a podcast called Hear This Idea, where we interview guests about ideas for solving important problems.

Previously, I was:

Before that, I did a Bachelors in Economics at the University of Cambridge, where I made popular revision notes. For more, see my CV (and CV of Failures).


The best way to get in touch is via email —hello[at]lucarighetti[dot]com. I love meeting new people. If you want to chat, do send me a message.

Sometimes, I also tweet as @lucafrighetti.


After some years trialing, I made a pledge to give 10% of my income to improve the lives of others. I'd recommend trying it! I keep a (small) blog about my donations.

Please leave me any and all anonymous feedback. It has been very useful to me.