Luca Righetti


About Me

I am a predoctoral research scholar at Oxford University's Future of Humanity Institute. My background is in economics, but I am curious about all sorts of things to do with public policy and data science.

My curernt research interests centre around the longterm challenges facing humanity, specifically the governance of emerging technologies and improving institutional decision-making. You can check out my CV for more (and also my CV of Failures).

Outside my day job, I co-host a podcast called Hear This Idea (with Fin Moorhouse), which we use as an excuse to talk to some really amazing people. I am also part of the Effective Altruism community and signed the Try Giving pledge.

Sometimes, I also tweet and read.

The best way to contact me is via email — hello[at]lucarighetti[dot]com — I love meeting new people! If you want to grab a (virtual) coffee, do send me a message. You can also leave anonymous feedback, which is very useful to me.

Working Papers

A new perspective on decarbonising the global energy system
(with Matthew Ives et al. 2021. SSEE Report No. 21-04) [pdf]

Self-reinforcing Corruption: Evidence from the MPs Expenses Scandal
(with Julia Shvets; draft May 2020) [pdf] [data]

Towards Truthful Artificial Intelligence
(with Owen Cotton-Barratt et al.; draft forthcoming)

Other Projects

Tripos Care Package (Revision Materials)

For my undergraduate examinations, I created revision guides for all my modules. People have found these useful, so I making them available online. Please note that all documents were entirely written to pass my exams and do not reflect my actual opinions. There are some small mistakes, and note that the Cambridge syllabus has changed. Simply view this as increasing your 'revision budget set'.

📑 Part I: MicroMacroMetricsPoliticsEconomic History
📑 Part IIA: MicroMacroMetricsDevelopment
📑 Part IIB*: Micro (1,2,3,4) — Macro (1,2,3,4) — Pol.Dev.
*Incomplete due to Covid cancelling exams